Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Two Shall Become One Tuesday


I must encourage you to visit Praise and Coffee today for her Two Shall Become One Tuesday she is discussing an issue that I am sure we have all dealt with on some level in our marriage and if not something we have seen happen and destroy with in a marriage.

Just a little heads up for my friends who are following allong in this challenge of encouraging our husbands join on Thursday for a Thankful Thursday, let's share our grateful hearts for our husbands, and on Friday with My Husband Rock's Friday, I am excited about this meme I just found!

Care to share how things are going? Learning anything about yourself as a wife? Your husband? Your marriage? May God bless you my sister.

JOYfully in Him,

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Ambrosia said...

I've learned that I am way more negative than positive. It feels really good to say positive things to my husband and I think he is enjoying it. : )

JavaMama said...

Praise God!!

Robin said...

I don't think this challenge could have come at a better time for us. (duh! God's timing is perfect) Life situations are weighing heavy on both of us. I could be reacting in my flesh if I weren't so focused on being encouraging and loving my husband.

JavaMama said...

Praise God Robin!! I am convinced of the same... God is soveriegn.