Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tapestry of Beauty

I have a desire to Glorify the Lord in my calling as a homemaker. Tapestry of Beauty is my definition of my desire in this area of my calling. It is based on the title of a book called God’s Beautiful Woman by Elizabeth George and its foundation is from the Virtuous Woman and her model. Proverbs 31:22 “She makes herself coverings of tapestry; her clothing is silk and purple.” My home, this Little Place, is where my heart lies and is where I find my delight and my complete contentment. It is a place of peace and a refuge from the world. Lately the Lord has been stirring my hearts desires to have fruitful hands in the creative way of pouring my love into my family and home. This little place is an expression of me and my family in every corner and crack. The couch, hallway (as small as it may be), kitchen, laundry corner :0), bookshelves, armoire, coffee table, rugs, curtains, dinning room, bedroom, kids rooms and all of those who dwell inside will speak to those who enter of who we are and I desire to be apart of the making of many of those, adding the work of my hands to them, with a touch here and there of creativity for the Lord. I also want my home to radiate a love for Christ and His glory in a way that it can not be missed. My heart is here in this Little Place and instead of only allowing a few faucets to drip my love onto and into it I want them to pour out with passion and diligence! This is my mission for my Little Place……….to make a Tapestry of Beauty. Join me while I learn how to do this and feel free to give any of your insight and suggestions….they are welcomed with extreme delight!

I wrote this a year ago as a discription for a blog I started over at Homestead Blogger. A year ago and my heart is still in the same place beating with passion for my Little Place called Home. I have such a desire to be a more fruitful and joyful homemaker. Since Baby Girl is only 4 weeks old and life around here is still running a little on the crazy side my attempts to more fruitful will be slow going but the thoughts in my head are rushing out constantly and I can’t turn them off. I hope to begin soon and can not wait to share my journey! Tell me do you desire to be a more fruitful homemaker? This includes being more organized, frugal, joyful and productive not in just ordinary ways but in creative ways as well. I will begin next week with trying out homemade cleaning solutions and recipes. I encourage you to join me in this exciting journey… a journey to bless our families and our Lord with the works of our hands from the overflowing of our hearts.