Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 2: Through Love

" . . . through love serve one another." Gal. 5:13b

In the original Greek, Paul is even more specific. He says, through the love serve one another. What love? Specifically, the love of Jesus Christ. “Paul uses the article: it is ‘the love’ of which he writes, the distinctive Christian love.” (Morris)

We are in Day 2 and today we are encouraged to serve one another... not in love... not because of love but through love. When I read this verse this morning I just had to know more, what was under the surface of this verse? What does it mean to serve one another through love? To go through something means go from begining to the end, you do not stop. Our love is not strong enough to always serve another especially when we don't "feel" like they deserve our service but it is not through our love or the love that the world can relate to but through the powerful love of Christ. We must go through His love... a sacraficial love that lays it ALL down in order to serve and save. This is a powerful truth.

I don't want to ignore the reality that in this challenge we are all facing our own personal struggles whether they are in our marriage, in our hearts or just in our lives. I know that we are all in our callings being tugged at in many different directions. I know that some of us are going through a very painful place in our life, oh how I pray that His power will overtake us and consume us and enable us to serve and worship Him while we wait on Him to come and deliver us.

So before I go on... for those who are deeply struggling be encouraged...

Whatever you are going through... serve your husband through the power of His love... lay all of your hindrances of love down at His feet and allow the love of Him overflow from your heart into service to your husband. Worship and Serve the Lord through it all.

Now I know the challenge is to focus on where your husband is serving you... so now that we have examined and sought encouragement from His word on how to serve, ourselves... where do you see your husband serving you and your family? Be creative... thank him for how he daily serves around your house. It may be hard to find it for some... look deep.

JOYfully in Him,

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Ambrosia said...

Thank you for the encouragement!! I hope your day is being greatly blessed.