Thursday, November 27, 2008

Louisiana visit

It has been a very emotional and enjoyable week here in Louisiana. In about a month we will call Louisiana our home once again. We are on the look out for a little dwelling place and only have tomorrow to finish our search. I know that God has a place already picked out for us so I am not worrying just a little anxious.

Today was a truly filling day in many different ways. I am full tonight as I type out my thoughts... full with family, friends, love, fellowship, joy, grace and mercy and not to mention to much really good food :0). We are very blessed. Tomorrow we continue our search for our new home and then head out to visit my grandparents, Saturday we head back home to Texas to spend the next month in deep fellowship with friends/family and enjoy the season to be us.

I hope you had a blessed and full Thanksgiving day!

(constantly trying to be more...) JOYfully in Him,

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crystal said...

I am glad you all have had a good holiday..ours was great as well. Time spent with wonderful family.
I will be continually praying for you and your family in your journey. I pray that God reveals the place He has picked out for you and that you may have a blessed last month at your current home.

Many Blessings and Prayers

Anonymous said...

I so hope you guys found the little house of your dreams! We have been talking of trying to make a trip in the next couple of weeks to try to see you before you move. Any good or bad times for you??