Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Serving a King

I loved the accountability I had last week during the Making Your Home a Haven challenge hosted my Monica. It reminded me of how HIGH, HOLY and CRUCIAL (as John Piper calls it) my calling is and how privileged I am to be serving Him here in my home. During the challange I was so motivated to serve consciously in every moment, now after it is over I am finding myself struggling to find my motivation again... kind of like a party when it is over and everyone has gone home. I am always really depressed and just kind of out of it and everyone just took my motivation with them when they left. When post my to do list I feel more accountably and motivation in a lot of ways. Sometimes it is hard for me personally to realize that I do not have a boss that watches over me and pushes me to get things done... although I do have a King... that I serve. A holy and righteous King that I am daily in the presence of and serving. My ultimate motivation should never come from crowd of onlookers or from works as if to accomplish something but of the One who deserves everything I have to offer, my life.

In order to keep me focused on this reality of being in the presence of a King I will be posting His royal to do list for His servant every week... hopefully unless it falls through (which is likely with me, sorry). I pray for perseverence and motivation as I long to give my whole heart in active, very active service to my Lord and Saviour.

Homekeeping and making...

*Clean the back yard from the invisible tornado that came through
*Stay up with at least one load of laundry a day, folded and put away!
*Follow my Home Management Schedule as closely as possible with out being to legalistic
*Have a nice family dinner every night with dessert
*Bake something

Child/habit training...

*Make chore charts to assist them in making their morning and evening chores a habit
*Make chore chart for table chores
*Make tokens for the rewards which will be time for extras: Rock Band, DS ect.
*Lots of encouragement with praise

*100% consistency
*Grase Based
*Establish a "tea time" with boys and girl.


*From 9-12 give ALL of me to ALL of them (meaning no computer or other activities)
*Fill out progress report
*Go on daily nature walk
*Fill out Weekly Report

Family Liturgies...

*Treat them as sacred spaces of the day to focus our minds and hearts on Christ.


*Read a chapter in The Mother in Law Dance
*Rise before thd sun to meet with the Son
*Abide in Him daily
*Find JOY


*Pack up the unused things in the bathroom and boys room
*Work on crafts
*Pack for Thanksgiving family trip

Family/Holiday Projects...
*Make Pilgrim book
*Read a lot of Thanksgiving books!

Father... may I give each day to your service... keep me busy... remind me to be conscious in joyful anticipation of Your return... give me peace in my moments of chaos... energy in my moments of exhaustion... allow me to have perspective when responding to my precious children and respect when speaking to my husband. I pray you will guard my heart and mind in Christ Jesus and reveal my priorities each blessed day you give me. May the gospel of Christ reign in each moment and may my hands be an extention of His grace and love to all those close to me... glory to You alone... in His holy name I pray...

JOYfully in Him,
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crystal said...

Sounds like a good plan. I have had to start doing things to keep me accountable otherwise I let it all pile up. You are so inspiring and uplifting. Thank you!


ByHISgoodGrace said...

I have to admit, that I share these same struggles. Thank you for posting about this. I was really encouraged through viewing your pics of all you've accomplished! I ended up doing some organizing afterwards!
So, thank you for being so willing to post about that and now trying to keep up with it!
Oh and my little guys loved hearing your birthday video.