Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gratitude and Prayer Request

Baby Noah is experiencing some uncertain medical issues and his parents are asking for our prayers.

Sunday's update from Noah's mom Kate...

We are on our way to the hospital with Noah, who is being admitted. He's running a high fever with sudden onset and looks terrible. He seemed fine at church this morning.

The car is packed and I need to go. Please pray. This looks like the kind of line infection that almost Noah his life a few weeks ago. Please ask others to pray.

Yesterday's update from Kate...

Noah is having periods of alert activity, but is VERY irritable when he's awake. It is extremely difficult to keep him content. He feels well enough not to sleep all of the time, but not really well enough to enjoy doing much of anything. He'll ask (scream) for something, then fall completely apart as soon as he gets what he thought he wanted. Now and then something will get his happy attention for a few minutes at a time. When his fever trends up, he falls back asleep or just lies in bed. He did sit on my lap and paint for a little while earlier, so Child Life is going to bring us more paints for tomorrow. Please pray specically for peace and comfort for Noah.

Also, I just wanted to share this video with you today... I enjoy it so much...

JOYfully in Him,

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