Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lord of All Seasons

Why is it so hard to surrender all in the midst of such fleshly struggles? I am always so amazed at how deep and dark and hopeless my fleshly struggles can be and usually are. My faith doesn't seem to equip me with the tools to pull myself out... this morning as I read from a book I just began reading a few days ago by Elisabeth Elliot called Keep a Quiet Heart I listened as she relayed this message from the Lord to my stubborn sometimes unwilling to conform heart...

"If I can't give thanks, trust, and worship the Lord in every "season", in the face of any set of facts which may touch my life, I am not really a believer. It is here, in my corner of God's earth, that I am assigned my lessons in the School of Faith."

Does the gospel have anything to do with the little struggles we face everyday? The little battles that we pick up our swords and fight? The gospel has everything to do with those. I sinfully and naturally only include the gospel to the BIG things in my life and leave the gospel out of the small things. Small things like difficult people, children who push the boundaries of disobendience, computers that refuse to copperate, days that don't go as planned and fits in the middle of the school supply isle at Walmart. In those moments of seemly insignificant struggles that the gospel of Jesus Christ need not be apart of, that we find ourselves daily struggling to have perspective remember this...

"...Jesus died for me! He's risen and coming again! He ahs given me an inheritance that nothing can 'destroy or spoil or wither' (1 Peter 1:4, NEB) and a Kingdom which is unshakable (Hebrews 12:28). That's the gospel."

And it has everything to do with children, people, computers and unplanned days... so let's include Jesus Christ... His death, His burial and His ressurection in our small fleshly battles all through out the day, they are significant to God and to our sanctification. Those deep, dark and hopeless fleshly struggles I face become shallow, lit and hopeful when Christ is seen as Lord of ALL and then I am able to surrender ALL.

Let us surrender ALL as we seat Christ as Lord of ALL, small and large, significant or insignificant. Have a truly glorious day.

JOYfully in Him,

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crystal said...

How easy it is to forget Him in the little things..I do it everyday..many times a day. Thank you for the reminder that I need to include Him in not only the big things but the little also. And that song is one of my very favorites. My dear husband sings it alot around our house.