Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Superman saved me...

Posing at his Art Camp this summer.

Looking cute in the front yard.
Tree climbing one of his personal favorite things to do.

Thinking at the park.

Superman and one of his building creations.
Jumping on the trampoline.

My journey into motherhood began with Superman flying into my life. He was a God send. Though he was not planned by Expresso and I God had ordained him to become a apart of our lives uniting us together forever and begining a long and hard journey for us to depart on. I was 19 and the last thing I had on my mind was being a mother and wife, the LAST thing! I will be honest here... I fell to my knees in tears when the + sign appeared. I was shocked and devasted, but He was working out His perfect will for my life whether I knew it or not. God sent me a son by the name of Eli aka Superman to begin my journey to His son.

And so 7 years ago tomorrow my journey began, the journey of slowly and painfully being transformed. Now as I sit here in this moment of time I can "see" His plan more clearly and I would not change a single experience that I went through in these 7 years.

It is so surreal that it has been 7 years since I began these journeys. Time has amazingly flown right by my eyes. He was so little and yet filled such a huge peice of my heart 7 years ago. He was an accident and a huge surprise and changed my life forever. I have said so many times that it was through Superman's arrival that God began to save my husband and me. He not only brought us joy... he brought us life. I LOVE this little creature and SO enjoy raising him.

Thank you God for sending my Superman to me and for the saving work of Your son Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour!

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