Thursday, October 4, 2007

Soccer Boys

T-Rex ready to "play" some soccer!
Quick pic before we walk out the door.
T-Rex holding on to his precious ball that no one else can touch or even look at!

Superman, #7 out on the field.
Superman and T-Rex relaxing with a snack.

I am so amazed at the transformation of my little Superman. When he first started playing soccer he was afraid of the ball and would run around the ball, pretend not to see it when it found itself right under his feet and his enthusiasm for the game was pitifully weak. Expresso and I grew frustrated with his attitude but really tried to be his little cheerleaders on the sidelines encouraging him each step of the way even when he was whining that he was to hot and was it almost over. I decided that he needed a little motivation so I came up with a reward system if he gave it his all out there. It wasn't an instant improvement but it slowy over the course of 2 games and 3 practices he has become a soccer player who loves the game. Honestly, not being bias and all he is one of the best players on his team, now, and the fact that he has no experience with the game at all we are just so proud. How amazing to watch this little boy fight through his fears and his insecurities. What is truly amazing is that he is doing this on a daily baisis in this world as he struggles to find his place and to understand and serve an invisible God while being a boy. I am just so elated with joy this morning as I realize that I get to be once again his cheerleader, encourager as he makes this journey.

Little T-Rex is just enjoying watching his big brother and "playing" his own soccer each Saturday. It is so cute to watch his enthusiasm as he kicks his little black and white ball around. He wearies out pretty quick out there on the field as they teach him the fundamentals of the game and I try not to push him to much not to suck the fun out of it but what he loves is to just kick it around with momma or daddy, now that is his idea of soccer!


Allison said...

your boys are too precious in their soccor uniforms! it was good to hang out the other night! see you on sunday!!

Be Inspired Always said...

Beautiful boys.

I'm new to your blog.