Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Healing of a Broken Heart

This morning I sit in awe and wonder of my Lord and His great power. I can not fully explain the intense emotions that have filled me over the past couple of days. On Friday a very close and very special friend of mine set out for a woman's conference where God would meet us both exactly where we were. My heart was broken and shattered into pieces as I was in the presence of His Holliness and I stood among 100's of other women just in awe of Him. I found myself yearning, crying for a heart that was willing and ready to surrender to His Spirit a heart that yearned and cried for a more intimate relationship with it's Creator. As I sat and listened to the Lord speak to me through His vessel I became overwhelmed with a desire to worship, to worship freely, to worship with hands thrown up in the air proclaiming my gratitude and adoration for my Saviour and my God and for the Grace and Mercy He has shown me an unworthy sinner small and insignificant. What an AMAZING God we serve. I had high expectations for this conference but was not fully prepared for the work that the Lord was going to do in my heart as he painfully peeled back the many layers of pride, I stood with my heart bleeding and vulnerable ready to be put back together with His guidance and now as I am home I can still feel the healing. The whole experience was amazing and I prayed that what I was experiencing was not just momentary but forever change and that when I left He would not leave me that He would come with me and not leave me to myself and let me just say that God is faithful. Listen to what He as said to me through Isaiah His prophet in several places as I have been dwelling in His word each morning.... "God... is with us". HE IS GOOD.

They had an amazing worship leader there that I just have to comment on. Shannon Wexelberg, an amazing artist. I can not stop listening to her voice proclaim the beauty of her love for her God which speaks what my heart feels.


Amy said...

I'm glad you had such a life-changing weekend! I would love to hear more about it.

According to HIS Power said...

You have something over at my blog, come and pick it up!!



Trina said...

Wow, it sounds like you had quite the experience. I could completely visualize that. It truly is about hanging on to those transforming feelings and making them who you are forevermore. God is good, and He will keep you. Thanks for the encouragement!

Sue @ praise & coffee said...

Your words fill my heart with joy! I love it when the Lord sets us free and we really receive it!!!