Monday, October 8, 2007

Meandering and Menu Monday

Tiany, an amazing encourager to all woman in their holy callings has a wonderful weekly accountability meme (or whatever those things are called!). I have seen the little lady hanging her clothes on her clothes line for several weeks now and have had it on my mind to do. Visit Less of Me, More of Him to find out more.

Here are the 5 areas:

1. Bible Study/Devotions
2. Must Do's
3. Zone/Cleaning
4. Train Them Up
5. Menu Planning

Here are my personal goals in each one:

1. Bible Study/Devotions

This week I am going to be working on getting to know my King in a much deeper and more intimate relationship as I devote each morning to Him. This means getting up early. 5:00 to be exact. Here are more of the details:

Pray over His word, dive in His word, worship and praise Him with music, reflect on memory verse for the week and any other verses.

My bible reading is loosely based on this reading plan but I am not bound to it. I am trying to catch up to where I should be but am not going to do it at the expense of making my reading time a duty instead of a delight. Know what I mean?

Each evening instead of turing on the tv, the computer or my mouth :0) I am going to be in the word some more to reflect on some more of His wisdom and read from my current book by Nancy Leigh Demoss, A Place of Quiet Rest. (GREAT book so far!!)

2. "Must Do's"

Let's see here...

1. Call for insurance for Superman and T-Rex
2. Call, again, to put my loan from college on hold
3. Look over budget to see where some changes can be made
4. Send care package to family member
5. Write 2 letters to friends/family
6. Call a friend or person in need... to encourage
7. Make a nursery list of workers for this month and then make calls to them
8. Make a price book
9. Enjoy my family and relax in the love of the Lord...

3. Zone/Cleaning

Okay this week I am really just going to be working on being disciplined in my cleaning routine. I feel like I say this way to many times! I am back to room cleaning... task cleaning just didn't work for me. Here is my schedule:

Monday: Kitchen
Tuesday: Bathroom
Wednesday: Bedrooms
Thursday: Livingroom
Friday: Playroom
Saturday: Outside/Cars

4. Train them Up

I have posted on my fridge right now Wise Words for Mom and a Behavior Chart. This week I am going to be loosely Tomato Staking and watching my boys very closely as they go through each day and will be taking notes, litterally. I have a piece of paper on my table to jot down their behaviors through out each day putting a + or - next to the description so that I can evaluate it at the end of the week. I am praying that this will allow me to "see" a little more clearly the sin that is in their hearts and that God wants me to replace with His words of wisdom. Spanking will be few and there will be a lot more training rather than discipline.

Something else I want to do this week is to have them repeat a certain verse that pertains to the sin that is causing their bad behavior at the very moment of it's appearance.

5. Menu Planning

Monday: Chicken and Rice with Peas
Tuesday: Out to eat and felloship with friends
Wednesday: Black Bean soup with Cornbread
Thursday: Brocolli Spaghetti with homemade bread
Friday: Baked Potato and Brocolli with rolls

This week I am really going to try and be healthy. For snacks we will have homemade breads, granola, peanuts, fruit, cut veges, yogurt, smoothies and water will be our main drink. I am hoping to get to Central Market to buy some wheat to make bread with, mmm but don't know if that is going to happen or not.

None of this above is going to be possible with out God and so it is vital that I stay focused on His will for my life and to take joy in it, to take each moment and use it for His glory. Have a great day.


Bella said...

Thank you Kelli for the sweet comment! I will pray for your time with the Lord this week. It is great that you are desiring to go deeper with the Lord ---and waking at 5am to do it! You go sister! ---Bella

According to HIS Power said...

You are always so encouraging, Kelli,always striving for more fellowship with HIM. I LOVE this Monday Meandering thing that ya'll are doing so maybe I will try it soon. I think that it would be a good way to organize my week better. I will be praying that you accomplish the things that you have listed!

Love and Prayers,

Tiany said...

Beautiful post, without him we can do nothing (at least not well) :-)

Thank you for the kind comment, you really are too kind. :-)

You have such a wonderful week planned out, I enjoyed reading all that you will try to accomplish. We too are trying to eat the healthier snacks, many of which you mentioned.

Thanks for sharing, I pray you have a very blessed and productive week!

tegdirb92 said...

what a delicious meal plan for the week--very well planned out!

tonsofsons said...

Your bible reading plans looks really interesting. I pray specifically for your this week that you will grow closer with the King.

See ya, girlfriend!!!

Heather said...

Your menu looks really yummy! Have a wonderful week!