Monday, October 22, 2007

A Grateful Heart

I am full… my heart lies within me beating with a rhythm of sincere gratitude. God is good, His love endures forever and His mercies are new every morning. It is not everyday that I feel so full the sad truth is that on most days I feel empty of this overflowing gratitude and full of my disgusting pride. Every day is a gift a blessing that my heart should show, feel and express the intense gratitude for its presence but it is when I miss it as a blessing and all of the many blessings that He gives me in each day that I become full of discontentment and consumed with myself. How often do His abundant graces and gifts slip past my humanistic and materialistic eyes.

Maybe it’s the season or the warm tones being brought in with it that have given me all of these warm and fuzzy feelings, but I believe that it is God alone that has filled me. Isn’t this how we should always feel… infinitely and abundantly full of gratitude… I believe that we have such a wonderful opportunity to reveal His glory to our families through a grateful heart. I am tired of living with this heart of inconsistent gratitude and desire to possess gratitudes presence in every day and every circumstance. I believe that if I look through His lens instead of mine each day I will be enabled to recognize and focus on His blessings and begin to cultivate a more consistent heart of gratitude. And so I embark on this journey of gratitude and vow to be thankful for the many blessings that I so often miss and allow to slip into the winds of discontentment.

1000 Thousand gifts is an attempt to ”see” more clearly and consistently these many blessings from the Lord rather than let them slip away, an attempt to fight for them rather than weakly surrender them to discontent, which will begin to grow a restless depressed frame of mind, hiding the JOY that I have in Him and that is given to me each day.

Does it feel like you truly have nothing to be grateful for… that life is just to hard right now… that God hasn’t given you any blessings to be grateful for, your life is miserable and you feel like it isn’t going to get better… can I ask you to dig deep to look further past your fallacy of emotions and find the blessings that are hidden behind all of the “obstacles” hindering your gratefulness and JOY today.

“Joy is a product of a Grateful Heart”

*Oh Lord my God... each morning you command the sun to rise blessing us with a new creation.. filling it with many adornments that we so often than not allow to slip past our eyes into the vast wind of discontent... leaving us... with our eyes down and our hearts empty... cause us to become true harvesters of a sincerely grateful heart daily acknowledging the presence of your blessings.. great and small... open our eyes to see them, our hearts to experience them and our souls to be refreshed and encouraged by them and may we through their being lift our eyes to Your love, Your grace, You mercy consuming our hearts and minds with Your goodness. You are holy and righteous! Blessed be your name in all the earth!! Amen.

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