Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Today Thoughts....

So I didn't get up at 5:00 this morning to meet with my King, which put me in an imediate grumpy mood, just ask Expresso. I had to within the first few minutes of my morning push the roof off and pull the walls down, which simply means had to ask God to forgive me (roof off) for my sinful behavior and my husband(walls down). I even went to bed at an early hour of 9:30. Mornings are always hard no matter what time I go to bed, I just personally hate them! I wish they would leave me alone, but I know that is impossible and must learn to love them, just like those difficult people in my life. Nancy Leigh Demoss expresses my thoughts exactly:

I battle my flesh, which loves to sleep, is easily distracted, and does not like to sit still and be quiet. I battle my schedule with its never-ending "to do" list. I battle interruptions-many of my own making. There are many mornings when I allow my pillow, the phone, or piles of office work to win out, and have ended up spending only a few hurried moments with Him.

A few hurried moments describes my devotional time this morning... that darn pillow! Maybe I should get a rock to sleep on, that would be less tempting to go back to sleep on.

Later in my morning I got a call from my friend who had to cancel our evening dinner plans due to sickness. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to our fellowship with my friend, I have been looking forward to it since last Thursday but quickly got over it realizing that there is a reason for everything.

I do have some good news though... I made my own homemade babyfood last night saving a good bit of money. It was fun! I made green beans and blueberries. This morning I used the blueberry juice leftover from the food for her cereal, she loved it. I still have some breads to make today.

Also, I only spent 78.76 yesterday at the grocery store! But it isn't going to stay that way if I don't get busy baking some snacks and bread. That is good, but not good enough. There is still more room for improvement. Today I am going to print out my price book pages and record my prices from yesterday.


According to HIS Power said...

Hope you have a better day tomorrow! By the way, the crockpot chicken fajitas are posted here : http://www.cjscookin.blogspot.com and I have beef fajitas posted on further down as well. Just thought that I would let you know!



Amy said...

I just posted an article you might be interested in - about moms & quiet time. Good for you on the savings! I need to really buckle down in that area, I hate wasting money. Maybe we should start a mom's saving group once (or twice) a month. Let the kids play while we encourage each other from scripture, share tips, trade coupons :o)