Sunday, October 28, 2007

Greeting Duties with JOYful Anticipation

Another week is approaching... full of demands and joyful duties. This last week I am thankful and sad that it is behind me and that I am able to look in the rear view mirror to see all of the joys and struggles. Striving to live a life in this calling with an attitude of embracing each God given moment is... exhausting and... difficult in times when the moments are so full of "to do's" and "expected duties" that are very energy consuming and that take away from moments better spent with loving and just enjoying my family. I don't want to miss the joyful opportunites though in those life moments of active duties of completing the lists, they are there and it just depends on my attitude towards them. They are apart of my calling and my life and they must be embraced and greeted with an attitude that accepts its painful experience and conquers it with JOYful anticipation.

If it is feared that some duties just can not be met with JOYful anticipation then it is neccessary for us to spend more time in prayer with our heavenly Father and to reflect on His word as our sustainers and encouragers. This week desperately try to meet your duties with JOYful anticipation and I also recommend "going out of your mind" if you become overwhelmed and stressed. I will leave you with this thought from my friend Allison...

"...we are enjoying life as it is right now and enjoying the blessings that God has given us in the moment. Life will not ever be like this again so we are soaking up everything about it!"


Amy said...

I love that link - I go out of my mind some days, but not in a good way like she is talking about. I popped over & told Allison Hi!, didn't know she had a blog. Have a lovely, JOYful, blessed week my friend!!

crystal said...

Thanks for linking to my blog. I was reading over yours today and found this post. I really needed to read it. I dont always greet my duties with "joyful anticipation" alot of times I am very vocal about how much I dont like them...But then we all have bad days dont we. I will start praying about it more. Maybe It will get better.


According to HIS Power said...

Needed this today, Kelli! Sorry I am so behind on your blog; life has been well, LIFE! lol. :o)


javamamma said...

Thanks for visiting me, my same-name friend! Enjoyed your post on your little guy. Sigh, time flies when there's kids involved.