Wednesday, January 14, 2009

True Womanhood

Yesterday I posted all of Biblical Womanhood by Voddie Bauchman and today I am going to post some things on True Womanhood, which is the same basic principle. This last week God has been working on my heart for my home and my amazing family, teaching me things and simply reminding me of things that I have forgotten... sigh. With the chaos of life lately, as to be expected with a big move, I have simply put my priorities of being a collection of mother, wife and housekeeper on a high out of reach out of sight shelf in my heart so that I did not have to constantly be reminded of all of there responsiblities that take so much of my time and energy... again... sigh... a big... SIGH. The Lord, because of my extreme self centeredness and lack of faith, has not been able to work on me. I have to tell you... I am glad to be back! I am beginning to feel more like myself although maybe not completely act like myself. When in a new place surrounded by new faces I tend to become introverted and intimidated. I hide. I retreat within and observe for awhile... I am working on this! It is something that unfortunetly comes naturally... and so fighting it has to be a very conscious and painful thing.

I am seeing the faces that make me draw outside of myself, praise God. I prayed a lot before we moved that He would reveal those faces and hearts that would connect and mingle well with my own. That our hearts for our callings as a wife, mother, teacher and homekeeper would be like a strong magnetic force... not to be messed with! :0) I am finding them. I am enjoying the near family experience, which is new. It is nice to see them, enjoy worshiping together and visiting. I will admit... I am selfish with my time with my family... and reluctant to give up my time, my normal set in my ways time and routine. Change is good. Family is good.

Anyway, what I briefly wanted to post is this...

The Ultimate Meaning of True Womanhood

Take some time, when God blesses you with it, to listen to John Piper explain and encourage us in the ultimate meaning of true womanhood. I don't know about you but I need a lot of encouragement in this high and holy but often looked down upon and difficult calling.

Also when time allows read this: The True Woman Manifesto.

JOYfully in Him,

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