Monday, January 7, 2008

Living Intentionally in 2008

And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

Ephesians 5:2

My hearts most yearning desire is to not just simply walk through each moment of 2008but to walk intentionally in love and not just any love but the same love that was displayed for me on the cross through our Savior. That love... self sacraficing... a fragant offering to God. I did not make any "resolutions" per say but here are 8 things that I want to change for the better, that I plan of commiting to in 2008...

1. I want to KNOW God, I want Him to be an extreme reality in my life, in my thoughts and deep in my heart. I want His reality to be with me everywhere, I don't just want to continue to walk through each day with an inconsistent and unrealistic and distorted view on God, I want to walk radically in love and in the knowledge of the One who made the universe and breathed life into Adam and me. This will be conceived through a disciplined and consistent time with Him each morning, I am devoting my early mornings to the Lord... completely giving Him my first hour in each new day to dwell with Him in the word, through prayer and in adoration and praise. My first steps will be taken with Him, this is not negotiable...

2. To crucify my fleshly desire to be over my husband and to disrepect him when we disagree or clash in thoughts. To grow with him, to daily find ways to encourage him, support him, show him undivided attention and affection, to love him more than myself and give all of my energy to him.

3. Oh to be a fun loving mother! I just want to play with them more... and enjoy them where they are. Set up 1 day each week for me to have some alone time with them seperately.

4. Make it a consistent habit of sending cards to family to let them know that we are thinking of them and that we love them even though we live miles away.

5. Set up a childrens bible study for our neighborhood kids at our house every week or every 2 weeks.

6. Surrender to the Spirit's leading in showing hospitality and being in peoples lives through prayer and daily thoughts and actions.

7. To prayer for God to lead me in earning a little extra income.

8. Find a daily cleaning and exercise routine that will work for me and my family and to drink more water with my coffee.

Lord, please enable me to commit to these and glorify you through them. Lord, I have attempted at these almost weekly and failed, Lord I can not do anything with out you... walk with me, stay with me, don't let me go anywhere with out you by my side, continually give me the strength that I so need.

Visit Extravagrant Grace, an inspiring santuary I stumbled upon the other day, for more Living Intentionally in 2008.


ellen b. said...

Wonderful list. The drink more water with your coffee made me smile and have a little insight into your pen name Java Mama! May God bless you with the desires of your heart...

~Java Mama~ said...

To much coffee... to little water... not a good combo. My body reminds me daily.

God bless you Ellen... thanks for stopping by!!

Elisa @ Extravagant Grace said...

Your list is a reflection of so many things the Lord has put on my heart as well. I am so thankful for your divine stumbling upon my blog and your participation. May God richly and extravagantly bless us in our determination to live intentionally for His glory!

ValleyGirl said...

It seems many of us have the same goals! I look forward to tracking my progress as well as seeing how others are doing.

I admire your ambition with the kids' Bible study. What an awesome thing to do for your neighbourhood!

twinklemom said...

God bless you and what wonderful goals to have!!

crystal said...

What wonderful goals. I pray that you are able to achieve them. I am working on a few of these myself. It isnt easy. But through God we can do it.


Denise said...

Such a beautiful list.

Angela said...

Hi...nice to meet you today... you have an awesome list of goals.

May your day be filled with inspiration as you begin your goals list 8 for 2008!


Katie & the boys said...

Your list is so encouraging!
Thank you for sharing your goals.
You're such a blessing.

Praise and Coffee said...

You're a winner, come see me!