Thursday, January 17, 2008

Early Morning Collision

Last night was treacherous and today I am tired and the right side of my head is throbbing. From 3-4:30 Butterfly couldn’t sleep, I believe she is cutting her 8th tooth. When I go in to get her the first time at 3:00 she is standing in her little playpen, which is all she will sleep in for some unknown reason to me. I pick her up and rock her in expectation that she will quickly fall back to sleep but when I look down at her she is staring around the room and at one point tries to lift her head to look around but I would have none of that! I decide to lay her down awake in hopes that she would go to sleep on her own. I gently close her down so to make little noise as to call attention to my retreating and as I go through my door I decide to close it half way. I snuggle back into my bed and await my next call but have high hopes that I can drift back to sleep until morning, well later morning. It isn’t but 20 minutes or so that I am called back out of my sleep and bed, I get up feeling my way to the door forgetting that I closed it half way and I nail it directly in the corner on my right eye. I was shocked! Oh my gosh…what just hit me! Expresso alarmed sits up in bed and turns the light on, I now realize what happened as I open my eyes to see the door before me. I have to say I was worried that blood was going to start seeping down my face but thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Anyway Butterfly and I continued our early morning dances 3 more times and by the 4th dance I surrendered to the idea of getting up at my usual 5:00 which was only 30 minutes away. We all slept until 8:00 and have a hard time recovering since. These days are rough… so many demands that I can not back out of… I must keep going but I don’t see how and the throbbing isn’t helping any. Right now we are crawling through school looking ahead to the joys of this evening when all will settle down some and we are all able to come together and just relax.

On my kitchen blackboard I have this written… The JOY of the LORD is you STRENGTH… and I press on.

Also... read this, reflect, remember and be moved.


randi said...

Going without sleep makes our days very difficult. I hope that your little one makes it through the night or that maybe you can take a nap.

Blessing to you. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by! i love your site and will be back often!!
-suzanne (JoyfulChaos)

crystal said...

Days like this are bad. With a 10 mth old, we have a lot of those. The quote "The Joy of the Lord is your Strength." I need to remember that. It is so very true.