Sunday, January 13, 2008

Each Day's Journey

Have you seen this? I have been sadly ignoring it for weeks and now after finally taken a moment to read what it is all about am going to join!! The Heart of the Matter is hosting this little Friday meme which is going to be very encouraging and fun. I am coming in a little late, as usual.

This last Friday the theme was A Day in the Life. I must admit that we have not had very many typical days lately due to just a lot of rush. I have however made a new schedule that I very roughly followed this last week when we were able to. My devotion to the mornings went fairly well, I got up each morning earlier than I have been so + for me and I have been really enjoying my alone time with the Lord.

At last here is our Daily Schedule:

Each Day's Journey...

5:00 – Quickly obey the call of the alarm, slip into the bath, get dressed with makeup, grab a cup of coffee, throw in laundry and then be STILL as I come into the presence of the Lord in worship, praise, prayer and in His word.
6:30 - Switch laundry and straighten and prepare as the sun rises before my Littles arise from their sweet slumber, fold laundry with Revive Our Hearts.
7:00 – Get the boys up and dressed, begin breakfast as family reunites from their separation.
7:30 – Breakfast devotional, catechism, memory work and goals for the day. Quick kitchen clean up, brush teeth, chores and anything else left in preparation.
8:30 – Begin our school day with prayer. During this time T-Rex is playing in his room with various toy and Butterfly is just waking up. I will get her dressed and feed her during:
 First Language Lessons/Copywork
 Horizons Math
 Spelling Workout
9:30 – Break!! Enjoying Books together and a quick clean up *vacuum and put clothes away*
10:00 – Come together for 2nd half of school:
 Science
 History
 Read-Aloud
11:30 – Finish any extras and then enjoy some free time before Lunch!!
12:30- Just enjoy the gift of time in relaxation(not cleaning!)
1:30 - Classical Reading time together, grab some books and sit on couch as we independently enjoy a good book or 2 or 3
2:00- Exercise/Play time
3:00- Prepare dinner and Daily Chores
4:00- Mandatory Outside playtime if not to cold otherwise inside play
5:00- Begin dinner, eat and then clean up as a family and then have some Family Time!
6:45- Start calm music as we all prepare for bed with quick clean ups, pjs, teeth brushed, get water.
7:15- Begin bedtime routine: poetry, songs of worship,prayer and kisses (lots of kisses) goodnight
After the littles are all in bed my evening begins:
Detailed straightening of each abandoned room, preperations for tomorrow, time with hubby, some computer time, reading time, study time and then prayer and lights out by: 10:00 or 10:30.

That is it! This is my hopes for each day's journey but they very rarely walk directly down this path, they are often detoured and sometimes even dead end but the main hope is that while we all walk in our day's journey we will do it in a manner worthy of the LORD, fully pleasing to Him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. (1 Corinthians 1:10-11)


Anonymous said...

What a blessed day you had!!!
Thanks for participating!

Sara Mincy said...

Sounds like a great schedule! Looks like you start the day out on the right foot, time with the Lord!

Tina said...

What a blessed day you have!

I always admire those that get up early. I just wish my body/mind worked right if I got up at 5am. :o)


crystal said...

Amazing! I love it when I manage to get up early enough to have time with the lord! I like how your schedule includes time to read together and quiet time.