Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Riding the Waves

Daily I wake up with a goal that I desire to accomplish. Lately it has been the same goal, and maybe you can relate, to control my tone and my tendancy to errupt when circumstances become overwhelming. More simply put controlling my temper and being more quiet and loving with my children. Sometimes I feel like my children see me as more of a drill sergent than their loving mother. I have yet to accomplish or master this goal of suppressing the driller that lives within.

I found this to be inspiring:

"I endeavor to quietly......and calmly.....and determinedly.......endure life's challenges as they roll in and out with the regularity of the oceans's surf

You see my goal my prayer is always that I will not give in, give up, or quit. Instead of becoming incapacitated by emotions, I want to be that soldier who is beautiful in God's eyes....." (Elizabeth George in her book Beautiful in God's eyes.)

I read this the other night and how perfectly it described my desire in my goal for each day! Daily there are challenges or waves rolling in and out and I want to quietly, calmly, and determinedly paddle on my board of endurance through those to catch the big wave way out there and ride it in. Today, as I go about my routine of cooking, cleaning, disciplining, homeschooling, and talking I am going to reflect on this:

*speak less often (Proverbs 10:19)
*speak only after I have thought about what I am going to say ( Proverbs 15:28)
*speak only what is sweet and pleasant(Proverbs 16:21;24)
*speak only what is wise and kind (Proverbs 31:26)
(Elizabeth George/Beautiful in God's eyes)

There are also many waves that roll with in me that I allow to crash over me tumbling me into destructive reactions and today I just want to catch them and ride them in for His glory as He allows me to gently teach, train and admonish my children and my husband.

*Pulled out of my archives from 2006 on my other blog.

JOYfully in Him,
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crystal said...

You always have something very helpful and uplifting to say. I too have been struggling lately with controlling my temper and my tongue. I dont want my kids to think that I am a tyrant, I want them to know the love that is in my heart. Thank You!

Many blessings and prayers