Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Clothes and a Quick Reminder

I am completely overJOYed with my new clothes! What an amazing blessing that Jo-Lyn from DCR Designs picked me for her bloggy-giveaway hosted by Rocks in my Dryer last month. Didn't she do an AMAZING job dressing me, my thoughts eternal dwelling place? I really feel that our clothes or our blog designs have the power to express us, the writer, giving the lone words on the page more personality and giving the reader a much better understanding of who the writer is, you/me. ( I am not saying you have to have fancy clothes on to express yourself, I am able to see a little piece of each of my friends through their beautiful dwelling place) I don't know, maybe it is superficial but I think of it as our daily clothes or our home decorations, they all say something about us. I really wanted my personal home here, where I share the many depths of my heart with you to be more expressive of me like that of my written journals, think about it we do not pick up journals that we are not attracted to or express us a little. Hey, you "hear" my heart weap and leap and you deserve to "see" a part of me that is somewhat left out through my daily wardrobe here at Embracing the Journey.


Also, as a side note tomorrow is Marriage Monday! I encourage you to participate and share with your friends "The Crazy Way We Met."

JOYfully in Him,
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*Cool sig huh? it actually makes my little name look elegantly pretty :0).


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

It's beautiful. I especially like the shade of blue. Very soothing. Nice digs!!

Robin said...

I must be tired. I was hoping for a picture of you in a new outfit. I feel silly. I need to read more carefully.

Love your new design. The blue is a lovely shade.

~Java Mama~ said...

Thanks Lori and good morning to you this fine Monday morning :0), I really need to go to bed!!! When my husband isn't here I tend to keep my eyes open until they refuse to obey my will anymore and I awake in the morning with no recollection of every voluntarily going to sleep.

Have a great day!

JOYfully in Him,

~Java Mama~ said...

Robin, you are hilarious! Me in a new outfit, ha ha that would require some green stuff that I currently don't have, not complaining, just stating a fact :0). Thanks for saying Hi, friend.

JOYfully in Him,

In Light of the Truth... said...

Wow, love the new blog design! Fun, fun!

crystal said...

Love the new design! So pretty and relaxing.


Marsha said...

I love the colors and design!!! And yes, I totally agree. My blog design reflects my personality a lot more than the generic template I had before. :-) I am definitely thankful for talented friends-- because I couldn't have done it myself!

dcrmom said...

You are SO welcome! Enjoy!! :0)