Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let them flow...

I have to be honest... I find it hard to turn the stubborn knob of my heart to see and experience the blessings that consume each day... and I can't say that I try that often. In the midst of racing time it is hard for me to pause and catch a glimpse of each one passing by and yet I know that they stream through each moment glissening in this space and I miss them one... by one... as they vanish far from my mind and heart. I am left only with what stands in front of me alone amidst the noise of time racing by, seperated from the daily flowing of His abundant graces.
Today as I sat at my spot I listened as I was reminded that they are there, quickly I began pulling them from their deep dwellings with in each moment of the days, whether dark or light, big or small I found them. thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ...

Ephesians 5:20

Always... giving thanks... so, lets turn on the faucet of our hearts and allow them to flow... to fill... to overflow... to consume...

  • adventurious spirits
  • growing minds of curiousity
  • digging fingers
  • time... given
  • joys found in the struggles
  • boys being boys even at the dinner table
  • daily provision from the Lord
  • listening to Superman lift up his little brother
  • witnessing surrender
  • curious fingers
  • wide eyes of excitement
  • my life
  • quiet conversations with my husband in the peace of the night
  • his presence in the day even though we may not see him till supper times
  • seeing him sacrafice study time for play time
  • the power of grace in my life
  • His presence I seek each morning, noon and night
  • His faithfulness to the unfaithful
  • for justification by faith alone and not works
  • my gift of faith
  • for Christ obedience and death on a cross
  • for being counted righteous in Him
  • the joys and pains of motherhood
  • moments of stillness to be alone with my thoughts
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      Katie & the boys said...

      love your inspiring!!!