Monday, November 26, 2007


The grim images were to much for my weary mind at 11:00 the other night. They sank deep into my being gripping every thought and memory leving none to wander, they tried to hide behind happier images and thoughts but found no where to rest before they to were overtaken. I lie awake unable to rest. The room was to dark and they continued to fill my mind... tug at my heart... their pain... their agony... their poverty... their hopelessness... their fear... their weakness... their tears... seemed to begin to take over my soul like a running fountain, closing my eyes had no effect on them but actually made them worse. All futile meaningless thoughts were lost in that moment and contentment and overabundance was found as I began to look around at the vast luxeries that we call necessessities surrounding me... finally I began to drift off with these thoughts hovering in my mind trying desperately to console...

why worry... what can you do?... I have to worry about my own life... they are so far away and there is nothing that I can do to help their souls... Illusions of the mind...

The morning suprised me and for a while they were lost behind the days agenda, but they soon found me again... as I worshiped, fellowshipped and tried to focus on other things. As they followed me they seemed to refine all of the thing in my life and day that have become rusted and faded and as I walked through each thought and reflected on the gifts of grace and thankfulness of the church, I considered all of the things I have to be grateful for with their images in mind and suddenly they began to shine brightly... like thousands of diamonds in a valley of rocks. As I try to push past my consuming thoughts I for a moment listen...

Peace offering catches my attention from the front of the building and we are all called to the front. As I made my way to the front of the building to offer a peace offering of thanks to my God they began crowding my mind and I quickly became overwhelmed by all of them. I stood there before Him lifting my offering up to the alter and I was only able to reach in and seperate one out of the many and I uttered my thankful offering to Him... "Peace, Lord, Your peace that You have left for me and all those who love You, amen." even them.


Cris said...

Glad you turned on your comments again... Love coming here.

Fragile Things said...

i so called you missy
answer your poopy phone