Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Yard Pass: Permission Denied

Do you remember the hall pass you were given in school when you needed to use the restroom or go to your locker? It was meant for a good purpose to see who was given permission to be out of class, if you were caught with out one you were sent to the office where you faced your consequences.

Now many years later in the marriage classroom we have something else that around here is oftened referred to as the "yard pass". Let me explain. The "yard pass" is the ticket to freedom given by the wife to the husband for whatever the reason of freedom might be. It is known around here by the husbands as a kind of permission slip for a field trip, there is no signing on the bottom line but there might as well be. I have been known to take pride in this holding of the "yard pass" over my husband for quite some time now. Holding the "yard pass" has given me POWER over my husband in many instances and it has felt good to possess it, until another power opened my heart to it's deception. No where else have I held any POWER nor should I. Genesis 3:16 reminds me that my desire because of Eve's (and Adam's) disobedience will always be against my husband. We have always laughed at the "yard pass" and taken it lightly but disobedience is never a laughing matter to be taken lightly. Ephesians 5:6. The truth is... God has given me NO POWER over my husband. 1 Corinthians 11:3. Just saying that sometimes makes my flesh cringe, I am to be in subjection to my husband the rightful leader and head of the home, not to be misunderstood as a doormat of course. Submission is simply gentleness in great strength. When I remember God's design for marriage I am liberated and encouraged.

The "yard pass" had it's time in our home with no authority and now my hands hold it no longer as the deception of it's power has been revealed to me and I have choosen to put it down and instead hold the POWER given to me by the cross in my marriage.

Amy, thanks for your example!


~Billie~ said...

Beautiful post!

By the way, your giveaway is done will be put in the mail Friday. =)

(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

OH how I enjoyed your visit to my blog~it HAS been a long time! and reading through yours has been such an encouragement~even your sidebar! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

crystal said...

Wonderful Post! Thank You!


Angela said...

I am adopting this idea- nice