Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Releasing Thoughts to Roam...

I have been emotionally and spiritually confused about Embracing the Journey. For me this place is a constant weight in my mind leaving little space for anything else. It holds all my thoughts captive and consumes all my spare time, yes this is my own sinfulness, I agree. I have thought of all other possibilities but I know that the temptation will proove to strong for my self control. The temptation to scratch, to release, to dwell, to search and enjoy is all to much for me... I have been lead inwardly to let go, to be silent with my thoughts... silent but not absence, to still allow my heart a small piece of it's desire in expression but not through my own thought out words but through others. The idea is to release my thoughts to roam elswhere for awhile.

In life we must examine the things that are consuming of our precious time and whether they are worthy to take up the our space in this journey, I have found it, this place where my thoughts live to be to high on my list of priorities. My heart, mind and time have been taken advantage of and consumed.... and now I feel driven to disperse them where they rightly belong... my children, my husband, my home, my education, my children's education, my devotion to God, my life in general. I have not been rightly dividing my time among these. My thoughts need room, need space to be free to think creatively towards these important areas of my life.

From this moment on I will begin to share my heart mainly through the ideas, thoughts and hearts of others in quotes, music and art. Scripture will fill most of the spaces in here as it is the nearest to the expression of my heart. My desire as always is to encourage, inspire and uplift other like minded women in their calling of motherhood, marriage, homekeeper and in their continual walk with Christ.

My thoughts will be free to roam and express as they commune with my brain and heart in my continual growth as a teacher over at Growing Minds of Wisdom in an attempt to understand the knowledge I am obtaining and trying to retain and how I am applying it to my children's minds and experience in education.

JOYfully in Him,


Katie & the boys said...

Hello...I commend you for the words you expressed here. God is obviously working in your heart--I pray for you to continue to press in.
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you so much for the two books I won in your giveaway. I received them today, with much delight!

Megan said...

Hello, Kelli - I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago. I stayed up late and read everything! I am a wonderfully blessed homeschooling mom of 2 boys and 1 baby girl (similar ages to your babies!). I was searching for encouragement from the Lord and I found it here! Proverbs 31:26 is on my mind every morning as I begin the new day God has so graciously given me. Your blog so encouraged me - really God's words through you - just at the exact time when I needed it. I will miss your thoughts but will look forward to hearing the Scripture that is inspiring to you. You are doing the right thing. So much precious time and energy can be twiddled away on the computer. I am shirking my laundry duty as I speak checking in on you here while my boys are coloring George Washington! :) May you continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior and bless you for choosing HIM over self. Thanks for your encouragement when I needed it!!! MEGAN

crystal said...

Thank You Kelli for all of your encouragement here. I will look forward to seeing what scriptures or music or words are inspiring you from day to day. You are doing the right thing. I will continue to check in at Growing Minds of Wisdom. Again Thank You!


~Java Mama~ said...

I am so humbled to know that God is in fact using my feeble words and my weaknesses to display HIS glory! I pray for all of you wonderful ladies that the Lord will be near to you as you walk in each day given to you and that He would give you all JOY in all of your circumstances.

JOYfully in Him,