Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Who will you serve today?

Are you ready to serve today? Did you wake up on a mission to serve? I hope so because you will be serving the question is not whether you will or if you are even ready because it is inevitable that you will serve, the question is who will you serve today? Obviously we will be serving physically with our hands as we walk in our calling but don't forget that there is a spiritual serving going on as well with in us, with our decisions, with the desires of our heart.

...choose this day whom you will serve...

Joshua 24:15

We are so susceptable to forget that we are in a daily battle and I fear that this is my greatest down fall in my daily walk. I end up stumbling along the path of the day the experiences of my time unkowingly serving not Him but the other by my neautrality of serving no one, it is subtle, and that is how the serpent of darkness works, subtly. Almost going unnoticed but, look a little closer, dig a little deeper, and there, there he is... him who you serve. Joshua reminds me that I must choose this day whom it will be that I serve. The darkness or the light? The illusion or the truth? The feeling or the reality?

...as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD."

Joshua 24:15


Anonymous said...

An excellent reminder!

Angela said...

this is a great blog- very inspirational-

Thanks for sharing
Angela (WTM Board)