Thursday, December 13, 2007

Winter Fun

Winter just can't seem to make up his mind whether or not he wants to stay or not, I think he has cold feet.... :0). I love the crisp cold air when I open the door in the morning. It is so refreshing after a hot summer. If you are looking for somethings to do while you stay indoors from the blistering cold or while you continue to wait for him to arrive may I suggest grabbing some white paper or tissue paper, a puzzle, some glue, some crayons and some scissors and enjoy some family time with these:

Snowflake Designs : Have little ones that can't cut yet? don't fear they have printable flakes to color.
A Snowflake Treat: I was pleasanty impressed with these, very good and easy!!
Wintery Christmas puzzle: as easy or hard as you would like it to be.
Dress a Snowman
Starfall Snowman : really cute
Paper Mache Snowman: cute but more difficult than I am willing to do, but maybe you are more super of a mom than me :0)
Snowman Dress up easy: we did this, super easy and cute
Sock Snowman: cute, we wanted to do this and were going to use cotton balls instead of rice. You can also just use markers for the littler ones instead of glueing small pieces.

*I really wanted to make a lot of snowflakes and put them on our van's window for our traveling adventure but I don't think we are going to accomplish that, but it was a good idea. If it is cold out grab a hot cup of coffee or cocoa and just enjoy your time together! I am hoping that we can do this when we get home from traveling.


Amy said...

Thank you for posting the snowflake tortilla link - I was looking for that! We are having our annual(just us)snowflake party on Monday and I wanted to make those, 'cept I might do cinnamon & sugar. We cut out tons of snowflakes & then stick them in our dining room window with a gluestick. Do y'all want to come over & mess up my house instead of yours :o)?

Katie & the boys said... the tortilla snowflakes...I've already shared the idea with many friends. We will definitely be doing those! Thank you for always sharing...

Jason Hughes said...

Jess and I have a hard time reading italicized white and gray words against your black background. It hurts our eyes. Crybabies aren't we?