Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Gift Tags

We are dreaming of a white Christmas along with the Drifters :0). We *LOVE* this song, when it comes on the radio we all jump with excitement and run to find the remote to turn it up. We then preceed to dance around the house lip singing, we have the example of Kevin Arnold to blame for our insane behavior and the Drifters. Hope you enjoy it along with us!!

I don't really want to spend any extra money on gift tags this year so I decided to make our own. I found tons of tags online, here are my favorites:

Jan Brett
A Kids Heart
Debbie Dawn
Cute Shapes Tags or Ornaments
Pretty Tags
Victorian Tags
Koala's Christmas Tags
Suess Ville Gift Tags (my personal favorite)
ABC Teach BW Tags (color them yourself, cute)
More BW Tags
Assorted Tags

We are going to use the Suesse Ville Tags, those are way to cute to pass up and the kids will love them!


Katie & the boys said...

Thank you for the tag suggestions. I've printed up the b/w ones! I don't know why I never thought of doing something like that! I already started writing on the wrapping paper with black marker which isn't the most attractive thing to do!!!heee heee

Robin said...

Thanks so much for finding all those tags. What a great idea to print your own.

You rock!