Monday, December 10, 2007

Family Reflections

We have been faithful to our peaceful walks through the lineage of Christ in our Jesse Tree devotions thus far. It will become more difficult as we begin our our journey out of town next Friday, where the celebration of Christs' birth in Christmas is appalling to some and where time will be frantic and chaotic. I had a full nights rest with just a few Butterfly interruptions, she has a cough that keeps her up at night and miserable during the day. This morning I woke up in a disgusted attitude not quite ready to face the demands of the day but thankfully I was led to spend some quiet time in His presence for the strength needed to make it through this day with my sanity still in tact and smiles left on my littles faces. I knew that I desperately needed to be spiritually nourished this morning with the attitude that I was in and the days agenda on my mind along with having a little sick Butterfly to show lots of extra attention, love, sweet kisses and special lulaby dances.

The Nativity play last night was AWESOME. All of the little actors and actresses gave a phenominal performance. The background I worked on till 5:30 was satisfactory and really added the dramatic effect we were hoping for. I have to say though that the experience of getting it up on the wall was less than fun in my personal opinion, and you would say so to had you been the one to stand on a not so stable stable that was not meant to hold 120 something pound woman and stand on a way to tall wobbly ladder with lots of reaching. Superman nervously said his line with magnificent cuteness and execution, I was a very proud mom.

I am determined to have a great day not matter what decides to come my way. It is cold outside just like I like it and am excited about that. The boys are making crayon spidermen and Butterfly is asleep. I need to get our Christmas cards out in the mail today tomorrow, finish washing and folding the evil laundry and then at 3:00 we have a doctor appointment for our sick beautful girl. Less than excited about that but hopeful for some guidance on how to help releave and kill this cough. Gifts! We have many fun gifts to make for family this week, how fun is that going to be? To much!! :0) I have so many pictures to share with all of you of the things we have made and the fun we have been having as we celebrate but my camera usb cable connection is broke and so is Walmarts machines so hopefully soon.


Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

You know, I've never done a Jesse tree. Given that we're out of town now and haven't prepared for it, maybe I'll do it next year. Living overseas (and in a Muslim country, no less) it would be a great way to focus more on Christ. Thanks for the tip!

According to HIS Power said...

I would LOVE to know more about the Jesse tree, Kelli! I want to do one next year with the girls. And, you have two awards at my blog! Love, Julie

Katie & the boys said...

Sweet post. My poor baby has been sick as well. He had a cough forever. Our docs suggested Albuterol and Flovent inhalers. They worked! Not everyone like conventional medicines, but with asthmatic children (who outgrow it early) I'm thankful to God for these medicines!
We're still running a humidifier at night which we think helps.
Praying for Butterfly...!