Saturday, September 8, 2007

Walking through a desert

I find myself spiritually dehydrated and weak. I just coast through each day and have no real desire to read the word, and that saddens me becasue I know that it is powerful for my life, that it is essential nutrients that my spirit needs in order to thrive. My branches are whithering. I could give a longd list of inadequate reasons as to why I don't dive into the word but the truth is I am just lazy and self centered. And somedays the thought goes through my mind "Why? Why do I need to read my bible daily.... I am doing just fine coasting..." Oh, have I in that moment missed the point, or what! Yes the bible shows me how to live this life but much more importantly it reveals the truths of God and His glory to me and to the world, it reveals Christ, my Rock, my Salvation, it reminds me of Grace and its sufficiency, it revives, it encourages, and the Spirit convicts my heart of the commands given in it to not just live or coast but to zealfully run this race as Paul mentions in 1 Corinthians 9, it contains the power of salvation... how dare I not abide in it! Not merely for my own sake but for the sake of those around me and for the glory of God himself. How am I to live out my purpose if I am not daily in the word? Can I truly enjoy God if I do not soak up His word? Can I glorify Him? These are some things that I need to think about more often instead of... oh well, I am doing fine right where I am, I don't need His word... And so I embark on a challenge to be in the word.

I have posted this challenge before but failed it miserably as you can tell. I am challenging myself to spend time in the word every morning for 30 days following this reading plan which I have begun before and made it quite far but feel the need to start over at the beginning. My goal is to rise and shine before the rest of my beautiful family and dive into the word and spend some quiet time with the Lord each morning for a good 30 minutes. I will begin this challenge Monday morning and persevere in it for 30 days and then repeat the challenge.


Robin said...

Mind if I copy and paste this post on my blog. You so often write exactly how I'm feeling and what I'm experiencing. I was doing so well with the Bible plan until late June and then...

I'll be praying for you as you take on your challenge. I may even join you if I can get over myself.

According to HIS Power said...

WOW! This is exactly where I am right now, I am taking a blogging break to focus better on the Word and on my family's needs. I know exactly what you mean, I wish I could say it as beautifully as you do! I will be praying for you and thanks for the reading plan it will give me something to strive for! Love and Prayers, Julie