Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Prayer Room Updates

Once again I stepped into my prayer room and braced myself for the possible pain that was to tug at my heart. First I checked on little Sean and I am glad to report that he seems to be doing well so far, praise God. I left him to see Hannah's family and was delighted to read that we can honor little Hannah with a Sparkly day on Friday... and was very encouraged by her ability to see the Sparkles through this difficult time. From there I very reluctantly clicked on Heather fearing the gut wrenching pain that could follow but instead found faith. She does need our prayers though as she steps into another week of chemo. Sweet baby Noah is at a new hospital with his momma and is under going a lot of tests so pray for him. There hasn't been any updates on Nicole and her son so just pray that all is well and that God will be near to them. Ethan needs some more prayers on some test results that are to come back and some praising on some that already came back showing NO leukemia in his bone marrow.

I am so blessed and honored to pray for each of these amazing persons. Would you take a moment to visit them or at least visit with our heavenly Father in their behalf. Thank you Lord for allowing us the amazing privilege to lift up the needs and desires of these people...

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