Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh, faith where did you go?

I am taking the time to share some thoughts...

I found myself wondering where my strong unwavering faith I once held went away to? At this place in my journey of life I find myself holding a very frail, weak and wimpy faith that crumbles at any tribulation that is set in it’s path. I worry of gripping it to tightly in fear of breaking it in peices. Life is as I have said chaotic. I have fallen into an emotional hole unable to climb my way out at times deglecting so many responsibilities in the day. I have thrown myself many pity parites and cried out to God on more than one occasion "why?", throwing all His faithfulness and goodness out the window shattering His loving soveriegn presence. I am tired and simply fed up with where my faith stands and how I have wandered so far from His love.

I have decided that each morning before I officially begin, I will take the time to not only pray but dedicate myself to His service, to recognize my stubbornness, my uselessness and weakness with out His power working in my heart and mind. I will every morning even though I may not be able to feel His presence give my heart, mind and soul to Him and recognize who I am, which is a speck and lowly creature, and who He is, the Almighty King and Creator of all things. Every morning I will humble myself before my King only lifting my eyes to receive His grace that He undeservedly pours on my head. I will praise Him and choose to walk in faith and in love through each valley and over each mountain leaning on Christ through prayer and His Spirit.

I commit myself to trust my God no matter what, and to stop fighting His will. To not just hold tight to His promises but to believe them as they are carried in my heart. I will praise Him and give Him thanks for not only the obvious blessings but the blessing in disgise that I so often miss. Join me? Be still... know that He is God Almighty.

Praise God for His faithfulness... have a blessed day.

JOYfully in Him,

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