Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A Week of JOYful Visiting

Sunday afternoon we left for our Easter break to be with our family down in Louisiana. My sweet baby Butterfly turned 1 on St. Patrick's Day! We were able to spend her special day at my parents beautiful house where we enjoyed a wonderful time. The boys and I were able to escape for a while on a long nature walk together, it was fun.

We then left there to visit Expresso's father and step mother also known as Papa Pat and Mama Kat. Always an enjoyable time. Expresso was able to enjoy some crayfish and crabs, Superman bonded with their new little kitty and we all just enjoyed our time visiting with them.

Our last stop was Expresso's mother and step father's house where we were busy with non stop family visiting and fun. Nana's house is always a treat. I really enjoyed our time with all of them. Superman and T-Rex had a blast spending time with their friend and cousin Jace, who is only a day apart from Superman in age.

I have to admit that by Sunday afternoon I was completely exhausted and not so much physically as emotionally. It takes a lot away from me to be around a lot of people and have to exert myself in conversation. I have gotten a lot better from how I use to handle large crowds. In the past I was known, only by my husband, to cry after a large gathering and often I would find hiding spots to get away from the pressure and anxiety, my husband would find me later confused. He never could completely understand where I was coming from and I was pretty okay with that. These days I am usually comfortable in large crowds and no longer hide away for long periods of time, for a few minutes maybe :0), but I have been enabled to handle them much better now.

It is nice to be home! My boys stayed with their Nana leaving me with 2 holes in my heart and a lot of time to do some things that are essential. I do not enjoy them being gone for so long, it is difficult for me to walk past their room at night and reflect on them resting else where with my kisses goodnight, but I am happy for them to spend some time alone with family. It is goingt o be a busy but good week for me.

I leave you this morning with some highlights of our trip:


crystal said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I understand completely about the crowds..I usually end up hiding somewhere or outside with the kids. As for my kids staying elsewhere..They have stayed once..4hrs away with my parents. We all needed the break but I truly missed them.

Maybe the time will go swiftly and they will be back in your arms before long.

Love and Prayers

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you had a good visit. We missed all of you greatly!