Sunday, March 2, 2008

Christ Alone

O God,

Thy main plan, and the end of thy will
is to make Christ glorious and beloved in heaven
where he is now ascended,
where one day all the elect will behold his glory
and love and glorify him for ever.
Though here I love him but little,
may this be my portion at last.
In this world thou hast given me a beginning, one day it will be perfected in the realm above.
Thou hast helped me to see and know Christ, though obsurely,
to take him, receive him,
to possess him, love him,
to bless him in my heart, mouth, life.
Let me study and stand for discipline,
and all the ways of worship,
out of love for Christ;
and to show my thankfulness;
to seek and know his will from love,
to hold it in love,
and daily to care for and keep this state of heart.
Thou hast led me to place all my nature and happiness
in oness with Christ,
in having heart and mind centred only on him,
in being like him in communicating good to others;
this is my heaven on earth,
but I need the force, energy, impulses of thy Spirit
to carry me on the way to my Jerusalem.
Here is my duty...
to be as Christ in this world,
to do what he would do,
to live as he would live,
to walk in love and meekness;
then would he be known,
then would I have peace in death.


Sarah said...

I love all of the quotes and verses you have been sharing. I understand your need to step away from blogging and focus on what is important. :-)

Just a question---how did you get your picture to center in your header? I have tried and tried and cannot figure it out! If you know, please share! Thanks.

Katie & the boys said...

I love this prayer, thank you so much for sharing it. May I ask, where do you find these puritan prayers?

~Java Mama~ said...

Katie, they are found in a book called The Valley of Vision and it is full of Puritan Prayers, it is such an amazing resource.