Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Roman 5 Thoughts

If you are justified by faith in Jesus Christ our Lord then you are standing in grace and have the joy of rejoicing in the hope of the glory of God. (Romans 5 1-2) We, servants of Christ, are currently standing in grace, have peace with God whichs allows us to rejoice, to triumph, in hope, a happy certainty, of the glory of God! I realize that I just repeated myself but for me it is such an amazing profound thought that needs to be repeated to my stubborn heart and maybe yours as well... :0). Let it sink in heart, absorb the reality of your standing in grace and let it overflow into a life of worship and complete devotion and dedication to the commision of the Lord. Don't just stand their paralyzed as if afraid to move! Go... boast in the glory of God, let your faith become courageous and bold through your everyday life and in every thought and word that flows from your mouth.

"Alas, how few believers have the courage of faith! When some saint here or there does begin to believe the facts and walk in shouting liberty, we say (perhaps secretly), 'He must be an especially holy, consecrated man.' No, he is just a poor sinner like you, who is believing in the abundance of grace." (Newell)

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