Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Thoughts are Moving

Just to annoy you and make you change your links I have decided to find a new place to put my thoughts... okay not really.

In an attempt to express my thoughts more fully I had to retreat back to an old place my thoughts felt more comfortable and once called home, a place I find less cluttered and less temptation to express for prideful reasons. I can not explain what the differences are between here and there but like a room they both have an atmosphere and this one is not one of peace for me and I find it rather hard to articulate and reach in to capture my thoughts down to encourage and reflect and grow, I find the freedom through the peaceful and simple atmosphere here to do just that. This blogging thing or writing is a kind of therapy for me, a joy for me and a way for me to not only share my heart and thoughts with you but also more fully with me. I truly understand myself better through writing my thoughts out and what He is teacing me. So, if you care to follow me I am no longer writing here but over here at Embracing the Journey

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