Saturday, July 5, 2008

World Vision with Compassion

The Celebrate Freedom festival we went to last week encouraged us to look into sponsoring a child through World Vision. Shane and Shane talked a little about it on stage and we looked at the booth that they had set up there. I knew immediately that this is something that was not only worthy but urgent of our attention as a family. When we got home I looked up World Vision and a few days later I found another place you can sponsor poverty stricken children through called Compassion. Tomorrow we are going to sit down as a family and choose a child to sponsor each month. Thise eving while visiting Compassion I found their blog and was greatly convicted further and encouraged by THIS article written by a mother. I also found these little Youtube videos about sponsorship....

Jeremy Camp

Rich Mullins

Rebecca St. James
It is so easy to block our minds from thinking about these serious situations going on around the world but we have a chance to make a difference in a cihld's or family's life for just 30-40 dollars a month. Let us love one another not with just words but in action!
JOYfully in Him,
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crystal said...

Sounds wonderful!


ByHISgoodGRACE said...

Thank you for posting about this. It's a great thing to remind people about. We'll be thinking about what our homeschool can do...!