Friday, August 24, 2007

What's going on...

Superman and Expresso left this afternoon to go on a strictly 6 yr and older male camping trip. We have been preparing for it all day. Little T-Rex was a little hurt that he could not go but not to worry I have lots planned for us!! I am so enjoying and looking forward to spending some GOOD one on one time with him. It is amazing how different he is when it is just him. He just beams and I am able to see him more clearly. He doesn’t have to fight for attention. We are both sitting under a fort we made watching Dinosaur (his pick) and eating brownies. Little Butterfly just laid down for the night. I am a little nervous to be home alone with out Expresso… it is the first night in a long long time.

I hope to continue my preperations for our new homeschooling year begining Tuesday after T-Rex falls asleep. I am almost done. If you want to read more about my preperations check out my homeschool blog, Growing Minds of Wisdom. I am going to try to keep these two blogs seperate from eachother as much as possible. But as homeschooling is a BIG part of my life and journey I know that their paths will cross at times.

Well, I am typing on our new laptop!! Our other one sadly passed away but don’t cry though it will be missed we have been blessed with another to fit our needs. One of our needs is to beable to unload our camera and of course share them with friends and family. So there will be pictures coming soon.

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