Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Heart of Embracing the Journey: Experiencing the Joy

As a mother, wife and Christian striving to live our His perfect will I have found that daily I am faced with getting through the day with out feeling like I am going to go off the deep end. As I think of all of the many (to many) evenings that I inflicted hours of sobbing, self pity, despair and desperation onto my poor innocent husband I am sad at the days I have allowed to slip through the fog of discontentment and self centeredness. I have been a maturing Christian for (God only knows exactly) 4 years and in those I have had many conversations with other women like myself on the same search….. for JOY in their callings. We are all liberated in our callings but were all overwhelmed at times at the many duties that come with them. Each day that goes by is an amazing opportunity to glorify God through simply enjoying what He has blessed us with even if the only gift we can see is the divine gift of time. It has been extremely difficult for me in some of those years to even get through the day…..they were days of hopelessness filled with out an ounce of Joy in them. My mind was constantly immersed in the dreadful things that needed to be done and I just could not see the Joy in the mundane monotonous duties that I was having to do day in and day out and each night that I laid my head down to sleep I would be filled with a second of relief until I remember that tomorrow awaits with the same doom.

I have since realized that Joy true Joy can only be found in Christ….Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, (1 Peter 1:8) …..and that I must see past myself and not only accept the many struggles of each day but also and I think more importantly embrace them for His glory. Each day that I am give is a wonderful gift and I can either focus on myself or on the cross, see each day seen through the lens of the cross has no chance of seeing oneself and the chance of the day going by with out Joy will be difficult.

So the purpose or design of Embracing the Journey: Experiencing the Joy is to share my love for Joy for my family and my calling with other woman like myself through sharing my struggles, my victories, my homemaking improvements, childrearing adventures, and my wifely duties. I hope and pray that this blog will encourage, inspire and cultivate in myself and any who visit a real sense of Joy in being a Woman of God

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