Friday, September 26, 2008

Record Keeping the Essentials!!

Do you keep a grade book? Does your state require attendance sheets or a portfolio? What are some of the best methods of organization that you have found to keep up with all of the school records for the year? Are you an organizational expert or do you find it to be a hassle? What about online forms--can you recommend some good sites to others? Share with us your greatest successes and your greatest flops in this area!

Okay, so before I say anything on this subject I must point out that I am organizationally challenged... but am slowly getting better! I have been thinking about it lately and how I need to find something that works for me. In Texas we are a private school and not required to report anything to the state however I want the benifits from record keeping and in years to come I may need records from our first years of homeschooling considering we live by the command of God and go where He calls us, which could be anywhere :0).

I will be honest, record keeping and organization alone scare me and quickly overwhelm me. I was not taught how to be organized and so I struggle. So let me tell you what we do right now: when Superman finishes a project he hole punches it and puts it in his subject folder and any art of his he files in his own art folder. I keep my own little records on a little calendar where everything is written down as to what lesson we are to be on each week. Last year I made a Year at a Glance and will eventually get around to doing it again this year but we really just try to enjoy the whole process of living and learning and so not all of that can be "recorded". One way though that I am keeping records is to Weekly Reports which is working out great for me personally.

I am looking forward to reading Record Keeping the Essentials from other teachers!

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ByHISgoodGRACE said...

I have tagged you, check my blog...

crystal said...

Personally, I dont keep records for my younger ones yet. I need to start...Its just my laziness that keeps me from it. I do keep them for my stepson. I built spreadsheets on the computer to keep up with grades and I use google calender to keep up with attendance. Basically, if he doesnt attend a day, I can take it off of the calender and if he does extra work for credit, I just add points in on the spreadsheet. It is really easy.

With the youngers, I wanted to use the planner on Simply Charlote Mason but found it is too expensive and just cant add that cost to my budget right now. So I am looking for other ways.

I also want to start a jornal for their school. I dont think I have enough time or devotion yet to be a weekly reporter but maybe soon.

Thanks for posting this though.